Monday, August 30, 2021

my birthday and the other alternative

Tomorrow, August 31, is my 52nd birthday. According to my schedule, Tuesday is supposed to be a fasting day, but my #3 Ajumma has summoned me to her place for a celebratory meal (and probably cake). So I'm switching things up: I had breakfast, but I'll be fasting the rest of today and most of tomorrow, until tomorrow evening. I'll eat whatever Ajumma provides, and as for the cake... well, Ajumma has never seen me this thin—not for a long time, anyway—so I'm hoping she'll understand if I tell her I'm dieting and should have only the smallest of slices of cake (I don't think I can get away with avoiding the cake entirely). Frankly, I don't want to spike my blood sugar, so the best I can do is eat at Ajumma's place and then go for a long walk to start reducing my blood sugar right away.

I also had a thought about rearranging my meal schedule. What if I kept the 24-hour fasting days and made my eating days into all-day affairs such that I could snack late at night? That might be the way to go. I'm not saying I'd eat all day long, just that I'd have two or three meals plus a snack, spread throughout the day, then the following day would be a pure 24-hour water-fasting day. Over the next two weeks, I'll try things one way, then try them another, and we'll see which way is better. That will put me right up against the date I begin my long walk, at which point I'll switch to a more liberal way of eating. Just for the walk.

Fifty-two. It's been a long road, and we're not done yet.

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John Mac said...

Happy Birthday, young man!

Your life has taken some twists and turns this past year, but now you are on track for a better, brighter, and healthier future.

I'll be looking forward to following along on your upcoming adventures!