Wednesday, November 05, 2003


The strangest thing to happen during my trip back to Northern Virginia occurred in Detroit as I was about to leave Customs. The surly lady asked me what I'd been doing in Korea; I answered that I'd been traveling, visiting relatives, and trying to learn Korean. Then she asked, "Relatives? And what are they to you?"

This took be aback. I really had no clue how to answer.

"What are my relatives to me? Precious. Why? What are your relatives to you, bitch?"

Alas, Hello Kitty shrank my balls, so I didn't say what was on my mind. I muttered something vague about living with the relatives (not entirely true) and that seemed to satisfy Nasty Lady's thirst for knowledge of my personal life.

So now I'm back. Good news: my brothers are fine. David's still nuts, and Sean is thinner than ever, thanks to Atkins. Mom's apparently got pneumonia; she's scheduled to see a lung specialist on Wednesday.

Many thanks to the Maximum Leader for his guest blogging, and yes, I'm almost exactly 18.5 stone. Disgusting.

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