Sunday, November 30, 2003

the flapping ass cheeks of international politics

North Korea seems more and more like a giant colon. No, strike that-- I actually value my own colon. North Korea's more like a colon in someone else's dead, rotten body.

At this point nothing North Korea says can truly surprise me, but this doesn't stop me from being annoyed by its imbecilic rhetoric.

How's this for an article title?

"N Korea Demands Compensation from US"

And a sample of the voluminous projectile defecation in question:

North Korea on Saturday demanded compensation from the United States for suspending a deal to build two nuclear power plants in a move likely to complicate upcoming six-party talks on its nuclear programme.

"The US has a legal obligation to compensate for the loss of electricity it caused to the DPRK by deliberately delaying and completely suspending the construction of light water reactors," the official KCNA new agency reported, quoting the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The Korean Peninsular Energy Development Organisation (KEDO) announced a week earlier it would suspend construction of two reactors after judging North Korea had failed to meet necessary conditions to continue the project. The KEDO suspended work from December 1.

North Korea considers that the two reactors, built in exchange for a promise from Pyongyang not to build nuclear weapons, should have been completed in the year 2000 and that the United States was responsible for the delay. "It should pay penalty, i.e. damages, incurred by its non-compliance with its commitment to provide the LWR (Light water reactors)," said the Rodong Sinmun, adding that the North Korean government "is determined to certainly force the US to compensate for all financial and material losses it caused."

"Determined to certainly force the US..." ? GOOD FUCKING LUCK. The reply I wish we'd make: "We don't owe you BALLS. Dear Leader, we hope you enjoy a warm Christmas by the local mass grave, gnawing on recently deceased patriots."

It's the Islamofascists' dirty secret, long known in North Korea: martyrdom makes you tastier.

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