Thursday, November 20, 2003

take the test

Think you know your Asians? There's an interesting test called "All Look Same?" over at, which asks you to guess the ethnicities of 18 East Asians (i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean). I have to admit I did poorly-- 7 out of 18 correct. In my defense, I'll argue that the test features more than a few "crossover" types-- people whose faces and styles could easily pass for Korean/Chinese, or Korean/Japanese, or Chinese/Japanese. I think there are faces that are "obviously" or "classically" Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc., and the test doesn't make any effort to account for that.

Or maybe I'm just a poor sport.

I found the test via this site, which is also very interesting. This particular page of is a Q&A featuring awkward/annoying (to Asians) questions about Asian culture. It covers dog eating, schoolgirl fetishes, why anime characters have large eyes and blue hair, why Indian women often have dots on their foreheads, etc.

And I found thanks to Mike at Seeing Eye Blog, whose post "Marmot Bait" was the trailhead for this little e-hike.

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