Wednesday, November 26, 2003

stay thy destriers!

Or "hold your horses." Whichever works for you.

KimcheeGI writes to warn us that we shouldn't get too excited about the possible movement of troops from Korea to Afghanistan/Iraq/etc. He links to a USFK site article titled "Writer's Opinion Mistaken for Fact" that sets the record straight. It says in part:

An opinion piece by Honolulu-based Richard Halloran, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is mistakenly being quoted in other publications as authoritative fact.  

The writer's own conclusions and predictions first appeared in the Korea Herald on Nov. 21, 03, titled, "The Rising East: U.S. Disengagement from Korea," and were rewritten and published in the Washington Times on Nov.24, under the title, "Troops To Shift From S. Korea; U.S. to reassign some to Iraq, Afghanistan."

Oops, and shame on us. Further:

With regard to the assertion that troops now in Korea could be deployed, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld confirmed in a Nov 17 interview with Yonhap that there are no plans to deploy US troops or units to Iraq from Korea.

Good call, Charlie. Happy Thanksgiving, and congrats & good luck w/the move.

UPDATE: Stay the staying of thy destriers? The Marmot posts on the same subject, but with a slightly different take. Also, check out his post discussing student radicalism.

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