Friday, November 21, 2003

No, no. Reason really IS a dangerous faculty...

Greetings. The Maximum Leader just read over the Hominid's recent comments on my and Professor Burgess-Jackson's comments on reason and liberalism. I have decided to respond. You can find my response on my site. For those of you who dislike cross-blog debates, well too damn bad. That is the very nature of the internet, n'est-ce pas? Linking from one source to the other. It is an interconnected system, like a spider web... Anyway, read it if you care. If you don't, well then just sit on your arse and wait for the Hominid to post some more cartoons.

And what's more. Your Maximum Leader googled "Kristianna Loken's ass" & "hairy pussy" and this site wasn't in the top 25 matches. Very sad... However if you type in "hairy hominid" this site is the 3rd match. See for yourself.

Carry on.

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