Sunday, November 23, 2003

time out

The chores got finished Friday afternoon, and the Maximum Leader swooped by that evening in his politically incorrect, zero-to-60-in-5-seconds Obsidian Siege Engine to cart your humble narrator off to the Villainschloss [no, wait-- it was the Obscenely Huge Siege Engine, wasn't it...]. A greasy repast at a local chain diner marked the end of my satanic partnership with demon-larva Dr. Atkins. Aside from losing five pounds, craving sweets all the time, and a radically altered defecation schedule, I couldn't see the benefit in skipping out on fruits, fruit juices, and the almighty chocolate. As my brother David said, my heart wasn't really in this. I've never been much of a dieter, anyway, and I've seen more improvement from going to the gym and eating in moderation, as the Air Marshal opined.

Didn't see a movie Friday, but did enjoy plenty of quality time with my goddaughter and her sister-- the Villainettes-- Saturday morning and afternoon. You'll pardon me if I don't convey the details, except to mention that a certain 4-year-old shouted "shake your booty!" at one point, and a certain 6-year-old laughingly discussed the difference between "booger" and "burger." Angels.

A good Saturday was had by all.

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