Wednesday, November 05, 2003

return of the I-Outlived-Jesus meme

With thanks to the Air Marshal for his post on parenting (cf. below). I hope I didn't give the impression in my own post that I conceive of parenting only in terms of punishment and restrictions, though I do tend to think the word "NO" is crucial in helping a child to form distinctions between itself/its own will and the surrounding world. There are always boundary issues to deal with, though this doesn't end with childhood. "YES" is without a doubt equally important to a child's upbringing, if not more so. (Perhaps a Hominidal essay on "YES" is called for...?)

I heartily second the Air Marshal's attitude toward parenting, with a reminder that what sparked my own rant was a child who, by all objective standards, deserved to be eaten alive by hungry North Koreans. And given the current fattening of South Koreans, I think a typical South Korean two-year-old would keep a NK hinterland family fed for at least a month. Since South Koreans already seem intent on giving away the store in their efforts to appease the ravenous North, I'm only suggesting the logical next step: give away the next generation!

The Air Marshal, it should be noted, will have outlived Jesus come late November. I'll still be home, at the heart of evil capitalist empire. I think a few of us need to celebrate the fact that we have demonstrated a capacity to remain bound by this mortal coil longer than the Prince of Peace (whom the heathen and unconverted Air Marshal does not recognize as his personal lord and savior). It's not often we can claim bragging rights over the Son of God, so this is truly something to be fêted.

I will endeavor to give the Maximum Leader and Air Marshal a call later this evening (please suggest the best time to call). Perhaps at some point we can slay a fatted calf (or South Korean child) and enjoy some hearty fireside reminiscences whilst we suck the marrow from still-fresh bones.

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