Saturday, November 01, 2003

the hilarious George

Over at Peking Duck, Richard is apparently having trouble with a commenter named George who leaves nothing but "nasty" comments. I don't know the history of these comments; Richard deleted them and explained why he'd done so. I assume that Richard's a civilized person who, understandably, wants to run a clean blog that isn't full of useless, stupid, pointless commentary.

I, on the other hand, get rather gleeful when I encounter hate mail, especially when it's written by someone who either has language difficulties or is obviously stupid. My impression of George is that he's probably not stupid, but English isn't his first language. While Richard may object to George's presence on his blog, I find George increasingly entertaining as I learn more about him through his posts. Here's the history so far:

Starting with Richard's blogpost, found here:

I don't like to delete comments....
But someone was posting comment after comment after comment, each one a nasty attack. Only the second time I've ever had to do it, and I hope I don't have to do it again.

This is where I happened on the situation. George's original comments were already gone, so I have no idea what he wrote. I trust, though, that Richard's evaluation of George's abusiveness was accurate, and in any case, it's his blog, so he sets the standard.

George immediately responded to Richard's post with a comment:

hey, it's not nasty, try to be polite! you are a writer , right? you should be more open to accept different oppinion, not just self-centered essays.

Posted by george at October 30, 2003 02:52 PM

I put in my two cents:

Well, Richard, I didn't see this person's comments, if the stupid asshole comes back, just put a blocker on him (her?). If s/he tries getting around it by using different screennames, you'll know you're dealing with a nutcase and should respond accordingly. People who can't let go of an argument have maturity issues (yes, I've been through that phase myself, and have dealt with plenty of my own obsessive fuckheads while writing humor elsewhere online).

Good luck in keeping it civil and to-the-point. But I don't think "civil" has to mean the same thing as "pristine language." Feel free to use the logos-smackdown as needed. Some of us will cheer.


Posted by Kevin Kim at October 30, 2003 06:24 PM

Richard posted this in the comments thread:

George, it's not a matter of me being nasty. You posted a series of messages attacking the same person over and over again with words like "loser." That's not sharing an opinion or commenting, it's abuse. As to "self-centered essays," I hate to tell you, but that's what many (most?) blogs are. No one is forcing you to read them, it is your choice.

Kevin, thanks for the advice, which I am about to implement.

Posted by richard at October 31, 2003 01:50 AM

And it's been All George All the Time ever since.

George posted:

you two are proving both of you are losers, just come to asia to beg for food and life, losers, assholes!

Posted by george at October 31, 2003 04:30 PM

Yes, George... we're losers. And assholes. Assholes who beg for food and life. In Asia. What a world.

George then posted:

" No one is forcing you to read them, it is your choice. yeah, you are right, No one is forcing you to come to asia, it is your choice, if you come to asia, you have to respect whatever is here, not just complaining everything like a widow who just lost her husband supporting her life"m try to be man!!!! not like a loser, Kevin and Richard, both of you are losers!

Posted by george at October 31, 2003 05:45 PM

It's quite the passionate soul-cry:

"m try to be man!!!!

I found myself stunned, shocked, unable to speak in the face of such a primal expostulation. I was on my knees, near tears, weighed down by a feeling I couldn't name.

Then I took a shit and everything was back to normal.

But we're not done! Then G posted:

Kevin and Richard, the best way proving bot of you not losers is going back to your own country, and never come to asia or other countries begging for life! losers!

Posted by george at October 31, 2003 05:48 PM

The bot of us? The bot of us are losers? I'm shoked. Spechles.

I want more George! I don't know about Richard, but I'm starting to find this guy very entertaining. It's the bad English (Chinglish, I assume) that makes it hilarious.

George would get along well with the angry South Koreans (mostly male) who fantasize about driving out the white devil. Little do they know: my mojo derives from my being OFF-WHITE! HA!

Anyway, George, Happy Halloween, and please keep writing for as long as Richard permits it. You'll always have a forum on my blog.

[NB: the Hominid can be a stubborn bastard about minor things, so he readily acknowledges his own attachments when it comes to certain issues.]

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