Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Bringin' up the kiddies

Felt the need to touch on something briefly mentioned about a week ago by Mr. Hominid, and that is corporal punishment.

Being blessed with an absolutely amazing little daughter who quite frequently pushes my patience over the edge and tramples on it, I am not an advocate of corporal punishment. I also believe that (at least by the age of 2), with a lot of patience, kids can be reasoned with to a very great extent. Removal of privileges goes a long long way. Rewarding good behavior goes a long long way, and being a strong and positive presence in the childs life goes a long long way. And sometimes just ignoring childish behavior and dealing with some really annoying crap is the right thing to do. Childish behavior is the norm for...well... for children.

The responsibility for raising children exists completely with the parents. The child's very existence is entirely a function of choices of the parents. Implicit in that should be the acceptance of all the duties, and consequences of the childs presence in the parents life. (Unfortunately, we all know this isn't always the case). So I also believe that it's a parents responsibility to put the child's well being, and general interests, ahead of their own.

My daughter has been spanked exactly once in her life, and it was a result of running out into traffic a second time after having been told not to. I have to say in this case, I find spanking appropriate.

But most of the time I hear about spanking specifically, and corporal punishment in general, I think it's normally lazy, careless parenting. It's a lot easier to spank the kid, and have that be the punishment, then it is to put down what you are doing, and deal with problems in a patient, positive way. Parenting is a full time job.

Sounds like new age BS, but it works. At least for many parents I know, it works.

Just one fathers oppinion.

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