Wednesday, November 26, 2003

something wicked this way waddles

I wonder how many of these turkey-killing methods are real. My favorites:

...electrocution! Take a simple extension cord and cut off the female end. Separate the 2 wires and strip each for about 2 inches. Remove a few feathers from the neck and one leg. Wet the skin. Wrap the bare wires around the exposed skin on the neck and leg. PLUG 'ER IN! The turkey will stiffen and be dead in @ 20 seconds. Now cut the throat to let it bleed, and it will do so nicely. Some folks think this method to be the best, as they think it tenderizes the bird.

(David C)
If you leave them hanging upside down for a few minutes before cutting them they go kind of comatose. If you cut the throat quickly and cleanly you can easily get out of the way before the flapping starts!

"Before the flapping starts."


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