Sunday, November 16, 2003

for the record

I'm at my old apartment. It used to be mine, but my brother and I changed the name on the contract so David could move in legally while I'm in Korea. The place is a mess. I'm a neat freak (or so I've been told by my buddy Steve's cute Sri Lankan girlfriend); my brothers aren't.

David left his laptop on my old desk, and I'm blogging on it right now. He's got a DSL connection, which is sweet-- certainly faster than the dial-up AOL I've been using at the parents' place since I got back home. The laptop is a Mac iBook with G3 processor-- it's probably a lot faster than my 1999-era Mac's G4, which rates only 450 MHz.

For the record, David's laptop renders websites as they are meant to be seen-- fonts look print quality. If you're on my blogroll, you should know that I think your blogs all look twice as good on this laptop.

Sorry-- not posting anything deep; just had to note how nice the Net looks from here.

David and I are headed to a Korean friend's timeshare in Shenandoah (Mr. Den Beste, pls. note correct spelling) on Sunday morning, around 6 or 7AM (David gets home from his nightclub job around 5-6AM), so expect light blogging. Since I'm at the apartment for the duration, I'm going to try & scan some images onto my old Mac's hard drive tonight, and these'll eventually end up on the blog. I've also signed up with CafePress (per the Maximum Leader's suggestion), and might be hawking some wares there.

Thanks, once again, to the people who continue to buy Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms, even if you're still doing it through Amazon. I had to ship another lot to the Amazon warehouse the other day, which is a good feeling.

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