Monday, March 19, 2007

Barack Obama and his attack ad

Drudge has linked to an attack ad that remixes the old 1984 Macintosh ad made by Stanley Kubrick. You might remember that ad: it's done in 1984 fashion, with people sitting like submissive drones in front of a huge screen on which Big Brother is spouting his rhetoric... until a woman-- a riot of color among the gray drones-- runs in with a sledgehammer and destroys the screen with it in a glorious slo-mo sequence. Imagine the ad redone, with Hillary Clinton's image and words in place of those of Big Brother, and with a multicolored "O" (for "Obama") instead of Apple's Macintosh symbol. That's the attack ad in question.

Obama's cronies claim not to have had anything to do with this ad, which has already spread like wildfire (see an article about it here). If I were Obama, I'd be whacking off about now: if we assume he's telling the truth and he didn't have anything to do with the ad (and judging from what little I know of Obama, I'd wager he is telling the truth), then the ad does his dirty work for him, leaving him clear to proclaim his innocence. Meanwhile, if anyone tries to launch a similar ad, they'll simply come off as a shallow copycat. Well played!

The deeper implications of this are beyond me. I read, recently, a snide comment about how Democrats are experts at taking each other down. While there's some truth to that, the flip side is that the GOP is pretty expert at shooting itself in the foot, too. But I'm hesitant to make any pronouncements on what this all means.

Which is why, in these trying times, all eyes turn expectantly Skippyward for guidance.



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Why Barack can't win: