Friday, March 09, 2007

eh wot?

How could I possibly be the top Google search result for "korean blogs"?

Go figure.

This may change, of course. In fact, I hope it does. As I used to note early on in this blog's existence, I've never been completely comfortable with being labeled a "Koreablogger," given how little of this blog's content actually focuses on Korea. I have, however, rather hypocritically listed myself on sites such as the Korean Blog List and have done nothing to remove references to this blog from the Korea Blog Wiki, a.k.a. Galbijim. That is because I am a whore.

UPDATE: A commenter informs me that I have already been dethroned, and it's true: I now appear waaaaaay down the list of search results. Sae ong ji ma.



Anonymous said...

you've got your wish - you've already dropped to second place!

Anonymous said...

You're back on top at the time of this comment. Go Special K!

Kevin Kim said...

I clicked the link and saw my name at the top... then looked to the right and noticed that Google was showing "Results 21-120 of..."

I scrolled down the search results screen and, sure enough, saw that I was on page two of the results list. What's up with that?

This makes me wonder whether my original post was wrong: perhaps I had initially mistaken page one for page two. Well, fuck.


Stafford said...

12am on Saturday and you've made it to page three. Sad to say.
Of course I don't even make the top 10 pages.