Wednesday, March 14, 2007

unheard of

"Namsan during your lunch break? The hell you say!"

It's true. Just back. Still taking the easiest route up the mountain, but probably ramping up the pain starting late next week, when I'll be adding one set of stairs back into the routine. Eventually-- perhaps sometime in April-- I'll be back to all three sets of stairs.

I hate hiking when there are lots of people about. It's bad enough being stared at for being a foreigner; it's worse when you happen to be a large and sweaty foreigner.

Oh, yeah-- Jelly says she's alive and making White Day ricotta.

That's right: in case you forgot, today is White Day-- the flip-side of Valentine's Day. Today is when the men fuck the brains out of the women, or something like that. It's apparently an ancient tradition.



Anonymous said...

Completely forgot about White Day. I guess I should have dog soup for dinner or something.

Maven said...

Simple enough equation:

Namsan + lunch break =

One possible sum:

Exponential amount of asscrack sweat x your back to your students for afternoon class.

Maven said...

I kept thinking of cannoli filling when I read Jelly's post... now I can't get it out of my head!

Jelly said...

Happy White Day - GIMME SOME CANDY!!!