Sunday, March 25, 2007

postal scrotum: Curtis gets his

Curtis writes in from "Somewhere in Arizona" to say:


Skully arrived today and I unpackaged it waiting for time to read. I like the format as I can tell I can sample it like I do the fridge in the late hours. Delving in for a taste as the mood fits. I can tell this by quickly paging through it.

As it sits on the table before me the cover is curling up to the binding in some strange phallic gesture. It sits at full staff. Is there some allegorical meaning to this that I don't understand? In what chapter is the secret hidden?

Curtis S.
Somewhere in Arizona

Curtis also sent along this picture:

Skull on the Water?

My own copies of Water from a Skull behave much the same way, though the covers seem to have settled down after a week or so. Look here:

As you can see, the Korean cover (on the right) behaves perfectly, whereas the CafePress book's cover seems a bit... unruly.

From what I've seen on the CafePress message boards, there have been some complaints about the behavior of CP book covers. I wish there were something I could do. I realize Curtis is just funnin', but if you, Dear Reader, would rather own a copy of Water from a Skull whose cover behaves better, PayPal me $27.95 (that's $21.95 plus $6 for international shipping) and I'll mail you a Korean-made copy. As you see in the above pic, the Korean copy behaves itself.


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