Friday, March 23, 2007

the feeding frenzy is over

Starting sometime last week, my traffic began to swell like a kicked scrotum, and I had no idea why. Most of the hits, according to SiteMeter, were from people who found my blog after doing Google Image searches-- almost always for the same three or four images. For several days, my unique visits were over 500, then for three days in a row, they topped the 600 mark. Things are calming down now; my results for Thursday were a more reasonable 425 or so. I expect things to revert to the old average of around 350 by early next week.

I have a theory as to the sudden rush: my images stored in the FTP space came back online, and people who had been frustrated at being unable to access those coveted pics for the past several months were finally able to satisfy their image jones. They went on a feeding frenzy for about a week, and now they're bloated. I have no idea whether this theory holds water, but the timing makes me suspect a correlation between the FTP problem and my site traffic.

So unless I am mistaken, the sharks are replete. For the moment.



Stafford said...

That might not be the case Kevin. I have had a huge number of hits from Google images in the last week, but every possible search string yields the same set of images, of which are only related to The Chosun Bimbo.
I think Google has decided to boost the number of "crawls" it does of the internet looking for images.
From memory you use Google Analytics. Somewhere in their you should be able to see visitors by "Host Name" or something similar. You may find a lot of visits have come from Google hosts.
Speaking of links, I put your ad for your book on The Bimbo - hope you get at least one sale (In addition to my own anticipated purchase sometime next week after payday.)

Kevin Kim said...

re: Google and crawling

You might be on to something, there.

re: my book

Thanks for your interest. I appreciate the purchase, even though you haven't made it yet.