Friday, March 30, 2007

the Final Five

The final five sidebar images are finished! All the woodland creatures rejoice and stuff acorns up their asses! The images are already on the sidebar, with links, but here they are for the quick and easy view (no links):



Maven said...

I *know* I have seen the movie from which you plucked the picture for Pretentious Musings. I can recall the scene, vividly, him eating every last morsel in the resto, only to be offered a mint, because as the waiter said, "It's so light and minty," only to EXPLODE... was it a Monty Python flick? The Meaning of Life, perhaps? I even recall the words, "Piss off!" being used in this scene... please tell me the name of the flick...

Kevin Kim said...

Indeed! This is Mr. Creosote from "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life."

This was the funniest scene in the movie for me. I just about puked my own guts out laughing.


Maven said...

I loved that scene too, however, I loved the sex ed class, where it was a practical lab... and oh yes, the caholics singing, "Every Sperm is Sacred."

Good stuff!

I just loved how Mr. Creosote was just so slovenly and gluttonous... great scene!!