Thursday, March 15, 2007

inadvertently naughty gestures

As a male teacher at a women's university, I have to be careful how I conduct myself around my students, but now and again I'll commit some faux pas and then fervently hope that it either wasn't caught or wasn't taken the wrong way.

This past Tuesday, the first day of my CNN English class, I was talking with my students about an article I had found over at The Marmot's Hole regarding one Jason Lee, a Korean-American who shot two men who had tried to rob his Philadelphia diner at gunpoint. One man was wounded; the other was killed, and the first few commenters to the article were mainly saying, "Bravo!"

So I started telling my students about how, in America, many shops, banks, and convenience stores possess a silent alarm, usually positioned under a countertop for easy access. You reach under the countertop and trigger the alarm with your fingers to summon the police. I'm sure something like this exists in Korea, though I've never checked. (Or does it exist?)

I was standing while talking to my students about the silent alarm. While in that standing position, I pantomimed leaning slightly over, reaching under an imaginary counter, and repeatedly tweaking that silent alarm button with the middle and ring fingers of my right hand.

It was only as class was ending that I realized what my actions must have looked like to a roomful of women.



Anonymous said...

Just how vigorously were your massaging that imaginary button? Isn't the object usually to be discrete?

Anonymous said...

Someday you should write a book about all the uncomfortable situations like that you’ve had in Korea.

Jelly said...

You should have just jumped right into the pool - licked your fingers, scrunched up your face and bit your lower lip, and SPANKED that counter. Oh yah!! (You know the counter likes iit!)

Maven said...

Why is it I am simultaneously doing my Kegels whilst reading this?

How long did you sustain the imaginary button massage?

Also, for a good mental pic, as well as my masturbatorial perversions... erh... uh... I mean "proclivities," were your fingernails clean and properly clipped?