Sunday, March 25, 2007

wanna help a bloke out?


I've just created a 150 by 200-pixel ad for my book. It's small enough to tuck into most sidebars. If you're willing to stick an ad on your blog (and believe me, I understand if you'd rather not sully your patch of cyberspace with adverts), I appreciate the help. Please feel free to copy this ad and place it on your site. I'll be making more ads soon (including my first-ever attempt at a true animated cartoon), so if this one doesn't float your boat (I can already hear fans of Bush grumbling*), perhaps another ad will.

Thanks in advance for your help. Marketing sucks, but I have to do it.

REMINDER: Please be sure, when displaying my ad, that you add a link so that people can click the ad image and go directly to my CafePress site.

*In my defense, though, I'll note that few GOPers ever considered Bush an intellectual powerhouse.



Kevin Kim said...

Damn, you're a picky one! Squeamish readership?


PS: Thanks for the efforts you've already made. More ads will be available soon.

Stafford said...

Done! And I just spent 30 bucks and bought one too!