Monday, March 26, 2007

sheep: now 15% human!

When I read this article about "human-sheep chimera," only one question occupied me:

I wonder how they taste.

Followed immediately by this thought:


No, make that: anthropogyros.



usinkorea said...

Sheep Child by James Dickey has always been one of my favorite poems...

And really, seriously, if you can get past the subject matter, it is one heck of a poem......He once read it at my a church...on founders day.....when all the old ladies who went to the school back when they had daily, mandatory chapel services.....had come back to share memories....

It didn't go over well....

Maven said...

What is the purpose in making an animal with 15% human organs? Is it for harvesting for transplants or something?

This is some scary shit!

Kevin Kim said...


Yes; I think this is utimately for transplants & such. The idea, if I'm not mistaken, is to avoid the ethical issues of cloning human bodies that will be used only for harvesting organs.