Wednesday, March 07, 2007

my work cut out for me

I see a new, and dauntingly huge, project on the horizon-- one related to blog maintenance.

Sometime in 2005, one of the FTP spaces I had been using closed down, effectively eliminating pictures from about half to two-thirds of this blog. I still get hits from people who want to see the photos from my Taejeon Love Hotel Chronicles post, but I'm sure those people come away disappointed when the images fail to load (as they currently do; this may change in the near future).

I had been keeping most of my early graphic files inside some FTP space, but the service-- which I had never paid for because a friend had set this up for me-- expired a while back. I began using Photobucket in 2005 as well, so all blog posts with graphics stored at Photobucket remain unaffected. That means the entirety of 2006 is fine, and part of 2005 is fine, but everything before that-- up to 2003-- needs to be redone.

In other words, I need to pore through those old posts, find out the requisite filenames, dig through the files on my hard drive, upload those files to Photobucket, then retype the HTML in each of those old posts to link properly to the Photobucket graphics. I suspect that this project will take weeks, if not months, to complete, especially considering how slow my 1999-era Mac is. I suppose the best thing to do is to tackle this job a few posts at a time.

Piss, fuck, diddle.


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