Thursday, March 15, 2007

sorry to let you down, guys

My French "brother" Xavier wrote me, wondering what dates I'd be in France in June. It was with no small amount of guilt that I wrote him back, cc'ing my other "brother" Dominique and my "Papa," to say that I would be postponing the trip until my next vacation, in December. The June trip to the States will involve a side trip to Texas; the cost of these plane tickets will make it too expensive for me to think about doing Texas-Virginia-France in a single month.

I really didn't want to write that email, because I've already postponed the France trip by a year. While I'm able to save up far more money this year than ever before, I'm not saving up scads.


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Maven said...

Perchance a jaunt to the Big Apple is included in your US itinerary?