Sunday, April 15, 2007

apologies to my right-leaning readers, but...

I think I'm beginning to like Nancy Pelosi in spite of myself. I'm not talking about her political views; I've already said I disagree with her (possibly illegal!) approach to foreign policy. No; I'm talking about Pelosi as a person and a politician: she's feisty, she's clear, she's tenacious, she's confident, and she's willing to lead-- in short, she puts Hillary Clinton to shame and makes me wonder whether the wrong woman isn't running for president.

It's too early to say much more about Pelosi or about the 2008 election, but my impression of Pelosi thus far, despite her gaffes, is positive. She's a mover and shaker, and she's kicking Washington out of its torpor. Good. The contrast with Hillary is almost embarrassing. Where Hillary comes off as unspontaneous and calculating, Pelosi is poised and lively. Where Hillary's speech is still littered with dodgy Arkansas lawyerisms, Pelosi is blunt and direct. What's not to like?



Anonymous said...

Think carefully: how much of your sense of how Pelosi is comes courtesy of the main-stream media, in whose view she can practically do no wrong?

When I was younger and lived at home, my parents subscribed to a very left-leaning newspaper, which I used to read every morning.

Even though I would have ID'ed myself as a conservative at such a young age, had anyone cared to ask, I was not able to fully understand what a profound influence that morning read had on my views and opinions until I moved out of their house and stopped reading that yellow rag of a paper.

I think you should remember that any impressions you have of Pelosi are filtered through the rose-tinted lenses provided by the main-stream media. If you could sit down with her for an hour or two and chat, perhaps over coffee, you may well come away with an entirely different opinion of her.

Anonymous said...

Here is some perspective:

Anonymous said...

I would have commented sooner, but had to clean up the vomit.

The may be leading; but it the wrong direction.

My thoughts on her;

I’m opposed to most of what she does.

Anonymous said...

Always fun to hear everyone squawk about how blatantly biased the U.S. media is. For conservatives, FOX news is the only 'fair and balanced' outlet while for liberals anything to the right of is just a tool of the capitalists.

As for the piece on how cutting taxes increases government revenues, I'll need a bit more than just the cherry-picked statistics that article provides. If that is true, then does this mean Clinton was able to clear up the deficit despite having LESS money to work with? And Bush has amassed a record-breaking deficit despite having MORE money to play with?

I'd really like to hear the answers on these questions from someone less motivated to spin than the usual people who weigh in.