Tuesday, April 24, 2007

are you ready for the Worldbeam?

Check out Malcolm Pollack's post on what may become the paradigm that replaces the Worldwide Web. Malcolm links to an article by computer scientist David Gelernter, who is not only a technogeek and Yale prof, but is also famous for having been one of the people unfortunate enough to have received a bomb from Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, in 1993.

I put my ignorance on full display in Malcolm's comment section, where I basically piss and moan about the newness of it all.


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Anonymous said...

Upon reading the bit from unabombertrial.com, here are some stray thoughts...

In hindsight, the unabomber was right in one respect, as a technogeek, Mr. Gelernter would not dream of opening a computer attachment from an unknown source, so why open an actual package from an unknown source?

I don't agree with what "Uncle Teddie" has done, by no means, he was a home-grown terrorist for sure, but he did have a point! But here in the land of sanity and civility, we don't go around bombing people to make a point.

And I agree with the comments over at Malcolm's place about isn't this what already exists, or perchance, taking a step backwards?

"Inevitable" = "Planned Obsolescence"