Saturday, April 14, 2007

sticks, loops, and glue

The Maven alerts me to this YouTube clip of "Kung Fu versus Yoga," in which two Chinese kung fu rubes keep trying to defeat a cheerful yogin.

I need to show this clip to an Indian guy I know named Rajiv. He's an advanced yoga practitioner who has won championships (never knew they had those) in India. Rajiv is taking Korean classes at Smoo, so we see him in the hallways quite often. He has also given yoga demonstrations during our bazaars; they always freak the girls out because he appears wearing nothing but Spandex biker pants.

The YouTube clip is dubbed in French, but I couldn't make out some of the dialogue because the voice actors speak in outrageous Sino-French and Indo-French accents.

India has many impressive martial arts, the most famous of which is probably kalaripayit. Read about it here and here.


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