Sunday, April 29, 2007

with thanks to Joel

Joel alerts me to the existence of a French-language Koreablog called Carnets de Corée. Very well-written posts. I've randomly encountered French blogs in my cyber-travels (surfers are "internautes" in French); most of them are written by itchy teens with no notion of spelling or grammar, as is the case in the anglophone blogosphere. Carnets is head and shoulders above the crowd.

For those of you interested in a French perspective of the Korean experience (and, as Joel says, assuming you read French), I highly recommend Carnets de Corée, which is written by a dude with the very French name of Fred. It's also obvious that Fred is far more competent in Korean than I am; his post on ddong-ch'im (piqûre caca??-- the poop sting?) features some of this ability. I'm tempted to translate Fred's piece into English, but I don't want him to feel he's being stalked.


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Frederic Ojardias said...

Hello Kevin

Thanks a lot for your comments !!! I dont deserve that much... and btw my Korean ability is actually quite bad.

Anyway feel free to translate the piqure caca post into English !