Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ave, Jeonuchi!

Jedi Master in trouble! Thank you, US visa policy! I also liked Jeonuchi's quick take on American society and the foreign takeover of US tech positions:

Sponsoring a work visa can cost a U.S. company thousands of dollars, so when they hire a foreigner, they usually have a good reason to do so. Since Americans nowadays are too busy going to baseball games and fattening themselves with grilled hotdogs and demonstrating against the Iraq War (sorry, too late) and making up excuses for having voted for it at the start (oh please, and you call Bush bad?) and shooting each other with assault rifles and running each other over (or smashing each other's heads, or whatever it is they do) with SUV's, etc., U.S. high-tech companies are increasingly drawing on foreign talent to fill up demands in science and engineering.

By the way... welcome, visitors from the Marmot's Hole! You're here to look at a 2005 pic of Mina in a wet tee shirt, and I'm not about to stop you.


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