Thursday, April 26, 2007

my first book review!

Charles of Liminality writes in an email:

It is finished. (bows head)

Uh, the review, that is. I gave it a once over and then a twice over, but I was already tired by the time I started the twice over, so who knows how well that went. I didn't want to push it back another day, though, especially since it was all done, so I pushed through. Sorry for making you wait so long for it. With any luck it will not severely damage sales of the book.

Charles's review of Water from a Skull is here. I'm linking to it, but haven't actually read more than a couple sentences. I might update this post with reactions after I'm done.

UPDATE: Humble thanks, Charles. And now I've got a beauty of a quote for the back cover thanks to you:

This isn’t just a book about religious diversity and interreligious dialogue, it is an act of interreligious dialogue in and of itself, and by reading it you engage in that dialogue with the author.

Again, my thanks. Much ass was kicked.



Anonymous said...

Maeybee yew should write your own review for your book...

hardyandtiny said...

I read Charlie's review and I still don't get it.