Sunday, April 22, 2007

un bref parcours

Some links to finish off my Sunday:

First: A nicely written 2005 essay that analyzes Star Wars, with special attention to the Gnostic angle. This reminds me of the long-ago essay over at Corporate Motherfucker in which "The Matrix Reloaded" is also analyzed Gnostically. (I couldn't help noticing that the two writers have markedly different notions of Gnosticism.)

Second: Markandeya has a post featuring a YouTube clip of a cable show in which a woman goes on hilariously about "the power of the penis." Better than Dr. Ruth, and probably more useful, especially to ladies who have steady, Joe Normal boyfriends, yet find themselves hungry for some uterus-slamming stud steak.

Third: Gord also posts a YouTube vid, but in this case it's about the creative hijacking of a lecture by students who have sold their souls to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Fourth: ML sends me a link to an article about a prof who was fired after (1) staging a reenactment of the VA Tech massacre and (2) claiming that, had students been armed, this massacre would have been cut short.


1 comment:

Maven said...


I'm no prude, but I'm feeling trashy while I'm watching that "penis power" video.

And yet...

I can't look away.