Friday, April 20, 2007

on comments

My comments policy, perhaps not clearly stated, is to disallow anonymous comments. Twice now, I've had to reject comments that were insightful and even witty-- not because I was offended by them (it should be obvious that I allow disagreement in the threads), but because they lacked a name.

The most recent rejected comment was actually pretty funny. I was sad to nix it. If the commenter would care to re-post that comment, with a name this time, I would be happy to slap it up on the blog. (The comment in question was about "KOREAN SHAME CULTURE.")

There are only two exceptions to this policy: (1) whenever my brother David leaves one of his raving comments (easily recognizable thanks to all the capital letters and screaming locutions-- "NOOOOOO!" and such), I automatically post it; and (2) in the case where a known commenter informs me by email that an anonymous comment is actually his or hers, I will gladly let the comment through moderation.

Just FYI, folks. Thanks.


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