Saturday, April 14, 2007

sudden drop in numbers explained!

Once again, the pictures hosted on's FTP space are no longer showing up, which means my blog's hits have slumped. While I'm not concerned about what this bodes for my stats (daily unique visits dropped to the 200s this past week, then started their climb back to a more normal 300-something; this is as things should be), I now realize that a large number of hits is necessary if I'm serious about advertising my book. With fewer hits come fewer ad-ward out-clicks. Double plus ungood.

This means that I'm going to kickstart the project I had talked about a short while ago: moving my old pics into Photobucket storage, which is a much more stable, reliable service than Cox apparently is. If I can do five to ten pictures a day for the next few weeks, I can finish the project well before I head off to the States. The Hairy Chasms isn't a photoblog, but it does have a rather extensive image gallery.

Wish me luck.


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