Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ave, Skippy!

Skippy has the best take I've seen on the whole Don Imus flap. Skippy's remarks about America's "outrage industry" are on the mark.

Before this "nappy-headed hos" incident occurred, the only thing I knew about Imus was that he sucked, and that information came to me from listening to and reading Howard Stern, not exactly a neutral source when it comes to Imus. I've never once listened to Imus, and it's doubtful I ever will. Based on what we know, it seems to me that Imus fucked up badly, that he'll take his lumps, and that he'll eventually be back in the bosses' good graces because lightning rods for controversy get ratings and bring in cash. According to Skippy, Imus's ratings are flaccid and he's a third-rate DJ at best. This incident will doubtless pump the ratings up. For a while, at least.



Elisson said...

Skippy's take on this whole mess was excellent. I also recommend Steve H.'s commentary (spread over several posts) at Hog on Ice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Imus has joined the ranks of the unemployed, at least for now.

Maven said...

I am simply surprised anyone listens to him anymore. Does he have anything relevent to offer anymore? Granted the man does wonders with his ranch, and for raising money and awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia; but does he have anything to offer us on a "national dialogue" level?

Furthermore... I'd be surprised if a good majority of the folks he offended even heard of him, let alone his slip of the lip in the heat of a discussion, had it not been for the merciless media feeding frenzy over his lack of political correctness.