Tuesday, April 17, 2007

forging ahead

It's hard to know what to write in the face of a tragedy like the VA Tech massacre. We have to mourn the dead, but we also have to look forward.

To that end, and in the knowledge that our hearts and minds are still flying flags at half-staff for the 32 murder victims and their families, I offer some moments of profundity and levity.

First is Charles's thoughtful review of the movie "300," in which he explores the nature of heroism. He notes that, after the movie, his wife remarked that she spends her days making "trivial" choices-- this in contrast to the choices made by people who find themselves in extremis. It seems somehow apropos to highlight Charles's essay in the wake of what happened, especially as some of us imagine what we would have done in such a situation.

Second is a cute YouTube video of a dog gone over to the dark side of the Force.

Third is my very first YouTube video, made in a moment of levity before I knew about the VA Tech shootings: Kev Squeals Like a Pig. More and better vids to come later. Much later.


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  1. When I read your post on the tragedy it was brought home to me just how easily extraordinary circumstances can suddenly intrude on our lives. Had I read your post before writing that entry, I think I might have had more to say. Or maybe I would not have been able to say anything at all.

    As it is, I am almost embarrassed at the messy jumble of thoughts I put down. Perhaps someday I will revisit it and do the subject justice, if that is indeed within my reach.



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