Tuesday, April 24, 2007

more VA Tech fallout

This blog post needs wider play, especially when you scroll down to some disturbing post-massacre YouTube videos, which are a compilation of anti-American sentiment in Korea in the wake of the mass murder.

NB: The above-linked blog post is actually a smorgasbord of links to (and lengthy quotes from) posts you may or may not already have seen elsewhere.


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Anonymous said...

That is some screwed up shit. Severely damaged people who need help spouting off on things they lack the perspective or maturity to comprehend. I hope they find help. In fact, especially for the Korean American woman from LA, I hope her "shitty" parents were very successful economically and can afford a very good psychiatrist for her and themselves. Maybe one educated at the ten schools she listed. I used to think that rabid self-loathing was unique to Korean Americans. Unfortunately, its incidence seems pretty constant across ethnic groups. I'd like to blame it on the concept of original sin, but that thinking is circular. I think the concept of original sin is just tapping into a deep vein in the human psyche.

I like to say that we are only considered an intelligent species because we are the ones defining intelligence.