Sunday, April 29, 2007

some changes to my ad

You might have to hit "refresh/reload" on your browser to see this, but I've made some small tweaks and improvements to the banner ad for Water from a Skull. They are:

1. Slightly more realistic shading of the book images that appear (a) between Grace Park's buttocks in the "Don't make fun of how I read" frame, and (b) in Yoda's hand in the "cough up money, you must" frame.

2. Yoda's quote has been changed to a grammar that more consistently reflects how he speaks in the Star Wars films: "If want this book you do, then cough up money, you must" is the new quote. (Before, it said, ", you must cough up.")

3. All frames now switch at an interval of 7.5 seconds instead of 6 seconds. This gives slow readers like me a chance to enjoy some of the longer quotes.

4. The tube tops of two of the racing girls have been changed to read "Water from a Skull."

5. At the behest of Charles, the Ultimate Fighting Championship ring card girl now has a shirt that says "WFS" instead of "UFC."

6. The quote I enjoyed from Charles's review (one of many) is now part of the ad. I slapped the quote on two consecutive frames, which means it's up there for 15 seconds (7.5 seconds per frame). It's an important quote, so I thought it deserved significant air time.

7. I also added three more frames: (a) a frame of the book cover (slightly distorted to fit the ad's dimensions); (b) a frame that gives the book's subtitle: "Religious Diversity, Christianity, Buddhism, Mind, and Other Things that Matter"; and (c) a "by Kevin Kim" frame with a pic of a somewhat thinner Kevin from about 2002 or slightly before. It's the same pic as appears on the book. Consider this a kind of "predictive programming": when you buy the book, you'll feel as if you're already familiar with it.

8. The baby harp seal in frame 1 of the ad no longer says "fucking," not because I had an attack of conscience, but because Rudy Giuliani says "fucking" in frame 2.

Enjoy the new ad!


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