Friday, April 06, 2007

postal scrotum: on readership and blogging

USinKorea writes:

This was meant as a comment on your post about blog hits, but for some reason, even netscape is no longer showing the authentication image I need to see to input the code for the comments, so I can no longer comment on sites that require verification.

For me, the blog is my daily journal - which is kind of how you write as well it seems.

Before blogging, I was never able to keep a journal going longer than a couple of months before I lost interest in the crap I have to say and eventually tossed it or deleted the electronic version. With a blog, just seeing that some people are interested enough to read what I have to say, and my reading a few other blogs daily, has been enough to keep me journaling almost every day.

I am thankful just for that.

But, if that doesn't pick you up....

....maybe my sorrow can also help you feel better about your readership: at least you don't get emails demanding to know "Why don't you get a sense of humor?!" --- or ---- "Why are you so anti-Buddhist and anti-religion?!!"

That is the kind of email I get every couple of months for my effort at my site.....angry emails from surfers who have missed my ever-loving point completely.....

....people demanding to know" why are you so anti-American and don't know you know how much the US has done for Korea, you bastard!!!"


Especially since I pay small business rates to keep that site running, and I literally poured hours and hours into researching the topics and writing the stuff and keeping up with it....

That is why about every 8 months or so, I send an email to the NK Human Rights sites begging them to get with multi-media, because people just don't read any more.

And that is connected to my biggest disappointment as a blogger ---- most of the stuff I do is just a daily thought that isn't worth much ---- but when I do do something worthwhile and hope it gets mentioned and gains more than the average readership than my daily vomits on the blog, it is [disheartening]. Like the NK Human Rights videos I've been making this week --- it is the first thing I've done in a long time that I feel has meaning and purpose, but it is just read and viewed by the same group that reads posts about how I spent my free time picking the toe jam from under my nails........

US in Korea's recent videos are here, here, and here.


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