Monday, March 04, 2019

another reason not to become a professor

Academe is bullshit, and here's another reason why.

University lecturer whose controversial tweets about terror attacks and feminism sparked outrage among students quits his post then attacks 'smug little minds'

A university lecturer who tweeted about Islam and terrorism and said that he was fed up marking essays about the 'oppression of women' has resigned, hitting out at the 'smug little minds' who snitched on him.

Michael Blackburn, who taught creative writing and English Literature at the University of Lincoln, quit following a string of student complaints for his comments about Islam and feminism.

But the academic branded these students 'snitches' and even made reference to the Stasi - East Germany's secret police.

In 2012, Mr Blackburn took to social media to say he was relieved to have finished marking assignments which bang on about feminism.

He tweeted: 'Thank God all those papers going on about patriarchy and the oppression of women are out of the way for another year.'

And five years later, in the wake of the 2017 terror attacks, he wrote: 'I know the media haven't told us but I suspect these terror attacks were carried out by Muslims because of Islam.'

These tweets sparked a large backlash from students at the university and now it has been confirmed that Mr Blackburn has left his role.

After leaving his role at the university, Mr Blackburn then posted a blog on the Fortnightly Review website talking about his feelings about the move.

It said: 'It's unlikely that most of the students at our universities who are so keen to snitch on their classmates and lecturers for wrongthink, wrongspeak or wrongtweet have heard of the Stasi or the Securitate.

'That's a pity, because a brief acquaintance with those two institutions of modern totalitarianism may, just a smidgin [sic], introduce a spark of self-awareness into their smug little minds. On the other hand they may pick up a few tips from their practices.'

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is contemplating issuing an executive order to defund public universities that fail to defend freedom of speech. Good for him. Here's Styx on that topic:

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