Monday, March 18, 2019

clicking "no" to word verification

I'm supposed to be exempt from word verification ("click on all the images containing bicycles") as the admin of my own blog, but I have to go through that nonsense, anyway, as long as I keep it activated. Since I'm now as annoyed by that feature as many of my commenters are, I'm turning off word verification but keeping comment moderation on. This means I'll see a huge increase in spam comments, but they'll never see the light of day because I can delete them all before I publish legitimate comments.

Sorry to all and sundry for the inconvenience of word verification. If, however, the spam proves to be a torrent, then I might have to turn that function back on. Just FYI.


John Mac said...

Yeah, I wondered about that. Maybe my vision is poor but sometimes it was a struggle. And at first I didn't realize that after clicking on the appropriate item another photo would appear which may or may not require an additional click.

The one you used previously where you just typed in the captcha code wasn't working out?

Kevin Kim said...

I actually have no control over what form the word verification takes. I was confused and frustrated by the latest seemingly random change.