Friday, March 22, 2019

I want to see "That Woman of the Brisket"

On Naver Movie, I saw the Korean title of this Japanese drama, "Yangji-ae Geu Nyeo," and was instantly captivated. I'd gotten quite an education at the Majang Meat Market, and one of the things I learned, as you'll recall from my post, was that one of several Korean words for "brisket" is yangji. So when I saw that there was a film about a woman made entirely of brisket, presumably because she's from the brisket realm, I knew I'd have to go see it:

Kidding aside, the actual English title of the film is "The Girl in the Sunny Place" (2013, apparently): "sunny place" corresponds to yangji (the yang from tae-yang, meaning "sun" [陽]; the ji from the Chinese word for "earth" or "ground," i.e., a place [地]. The geu is a demonstrative particle meaning "that," and nyeo (pronounced "nyaw," not "nee-oh") means "woman," or apparently in this case, "girl."

I keep thinking the blurb/subtitle should say something like, "아무리 드물게 자위해도, 정액 얼룩이 사라지지않아." ("However rarely you masturbate, the semen stains do not disappear.") This would replace what the subtitle actually says, which is something like, "Even with [my] memory erased, the traces of you don't disappear."

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