Monday, March 25, 2019

the memes keep rolling in

More memes via Bill Keezer!

I disagree, though, with the following meme's contention that the first cookie contains "too much butter." No, that cookie looks just right to me: a perfect chocolate chip cookie is thin and not cake-y. It's got a crunchy outer edge and a soft, gooey middle. That's perfection.

Below, I question the grammar. "Why is" should be "Why are" because the sentence is basically saying, "Why are X and Y...?" Some people just don't get subject-verb agreement.

I laughed at the following meme more than I should have.

It's recently come out that HRC & Co. put forth the false Russia narrative within days of losing the 2016 election as a way for HRC to avoid taking responsibility for her loss. And half the country got suckered into believing this horseshit. Now, of course, the believers have dug themselves in too deep to do anything other than double down. There won't be any admissions of a mistake, nor any signs of contrition. There will simply be the same mad hatred we've seen for two damn years. Two years and 30 million taxpayer dollars—all for a fucking nothingburger. This is Everest-scale twattage. And it's not done, either: as I posted earlier, the Democrats plan to subpoena Mueller, and probably anyone else with links to the probe. I can guess the Dems' strategy: get people to re-testify, then check their new testimony against whatever's in the report to see whether any inconsistencies can be found. Suck up more taxpayer money in the process. The only salutary effect I can see is: more and more people are becoming aware that this is how the Dems plan to conduct themselves until the 2020 election, which pretty much ensures that Trump will win a second term by a significantly larger electoral-vote margin than he won the first time around. So, yeah: go to it, guys. Let me cheer you on as you continue the witch hunt.

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John Mac said...

And as long as the Democrats in Congress keep chasing their tail on collusion they won't have time to pass more damaging legislation. I call that a win-win!