Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tim Pool is on a roll

Here, Pool talks about how the Dems are blowing themselves up:

And here, Pool talks about what may be the coming 2020 landslide victory for Trump:

I can't keep up with Pool's videos. His daily output is insane. Styxhexenhammer666 puts out about four videos per day, each around 8-15 minutes long. Pool's videos are roughly the same length, but he puts out 4 to 5 of them per YouTube channel, and he has three such channels (that I know of: Timcast, Tim Pool, and Subverse)! That's up to 15 videos a day, which makes me wonder whether the poor guy has a life.

I'm currently putting together my photo essay of what some in our office are terming "The Last Supper." Expect food pics and a mournful narrative to appear soon.

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