Thursday, March 21, 2019

final stretch

I've been prepping all week long, but tonight's the biggie, for the luncheon is tomorrow. I've got two briskets that need cooking; I'll bake one tonight without brining it; meanwhile, I'll brine the other brisket tonight and bake it tomorrow morning. I'm doing this because I realized that I wouldn't be able to bake both briskets at the same time: my oven isn't exactly small, but it's not exactly large, either. Also tonight: I need to slice up the rest of the gyro meat and cook it up, then store the meat in its own juices to prevent drying. I also have to toast my ciabatta rolls, slice my gyro-related vegetables (olives are done, but I need to take care of the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions). I also have to buy, peel, prep, and roast my potatoes: they'll be going on top of the gyros for that authentically Greek (cough) experience. If I can't get the taters done tonight, I'll have to do them early tomorrow morning, leaving enough time (four hours) for the second brisket. The homemade and store-bought naan flatbreads are all in the freezer; I'll take them out tonight to let them thaw, then I'll warm them all up at the office.

That's a lot to do tonight. Here's what's been done thus far:

1. The chimichurri has been made.
2. The baked beans are done.
3. The cole slaw has been prepped.
4. Barbecue sauce (bottled, not homemade) is ready to go.
5. Naan is prepped.
6. Feta has been crumbled and containerized.
7. Tzatziki has been made.
8. Olives have been sliced and re-bottled.

This is essentially two meals, served side by side: Greek-ish and Tex-Mex-ish. If it turns out to be too much to take at one go, I'll have to make two trips to work. Ugh. Either that, or I'll have to break out my other giant bag and Santa Claus it out to the taxi stand.

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