Sunday, March 24, 2019

sigh... I've lost all respect for Jim Jefferies

I already knew that Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies, who has had his own humorous talk show for a while, tilted significantly leftward in his politics. I don't begrudge him his point of view, even if I don't agree with much that he says. Alas, the video below by Avi Yemini—a Jewish online personality, former soldier (sniper), fitness coach, and krav maga trainer—shows how Jim Jefferies edited his interview with Yemini in such a way as to twist Yemini's words and assassinate his character. Yemini's video also exposes Jefferies's pious hypocrisy: the comedian seems to be very pro-Islam in front of the camera, but when he thinks the cameras are off, he has no trouble speaking insultingly about Islam. I used to like Jefferies a lot, despite his political point of view, because I admired his seeming truthfulness and sincerity. Either fame has gotten to his head and curdled his heart, or he was always a hypocritical bastard from the beginning. Neither alternative is pleasant to contemplate. What a disappointment ol' Jim turned out to be.

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