Monday, March 04, 2019

Dr. Pepple on movies he'd like to see

A most excellent rant here about other sorts of movies that Hollywood could be making, but won't. Pepple concludes that there ought to be an alternate entertainment industry. He may be right, although one has to wonder whether there's something inherent in the industry that either attracts a certain type of actor or studio exec, or creates such a person over time. Maybe a true alt-entertainment industry, a neo-Hollywood, is impossible. Then again, with the rise of alt-media on places like YouTube and BitChute, it could be that something like a rival to Hollywood could spring up. But if that alt-Hollywood proves to have the sensibilities of so many of the people on Gab, then I don't think I'll be patronizing it.

A good example of the bigotry I'm hinting at is here. I can't believe I sat through that.

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