Saturday, March 16, 2019

late-in-the-day forage

Boy, I must be really tired. For whatever reason—maybe it's the diabetes—I slept until mid-afternoon today. Now that I'm up, I'm kicking myself for sleeping so long and so late (I can hear my mother's voice in my head saying, as she used to say about my long naps, Aigu, sleeping your life away!), and I'm about to head out and do some crucial shopping for the food prep I need to do this coming week.

I made a chart to help me think through my food prep. You can see it here. Today, I'll head out to Itaewon for ground lamb and other things, then possibly to the local Costco (hot dogs, ground beef, real butter) and the local Seolseong Mokjang meat market (ciabatta—yes, the meat market sells bread among other, non-meaty things) if there's time. There are items on my to-buy list that shouldn't be bought until later in the week because there's a freshness issue, e.g., fresh vegetables for use in the gyros, fresh herbs for use in chimichurri, etc.

So that's today. I've been hitting my building's staircase fairly routinely for the past two weeks, so I'll do the stairs tonight, then go shop, begin prep, and take a long walk tomorrow... without waking up too late in the day again, I hope. Thus will pass another weekend.

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