Monday, March 18, 2019

another #WalkAway story

She's easy on the eyes and a bit more articulate... not only did she start off as a liberal, but she's also from a Buddhist family! Now, it could be that the Buddhism she internalized was the typically folkloric kind, full of magic and spirits and deities—all the stuff that Western converts to Buddhism swear doesn't exist in their belief and praxis. (Don't listen to people who tell you "There are no gods in Buddhism." That's bullshit, and it's bullshit because they're talking about their own Western-style, stripped-down-to-a-bare-bones-philosophy version of Buddhism. Buddhism, taken as a whole, is plenty theistic.) Whatever the case, she sees her "conversion" away from the left as a kind of awakening. Her words aren't particularly substantive, but they do give the viewer some insight into the intellectual and psychological dimensions of conversion-away.

She outs herself as "Asian," but I'm guessing she's half-Korean, mainly because of the thoroughly Korean way she divides Christendom into "Catholics" and "Christians," a hilarious division that I haven't heard elsewhere. (Feel free to fill my ignorance in.)

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