Thursday, March 07, 2019

N95 quest

Tomorrow, I wake up earlier than usual and head out to the hardware district in the Euljiro neighborhood in search of N95 masks. Several coworkers have said that they each want a mask, so I'll be buying several of them. If they come in packs (the masks, I mean—not my coworkers), I'll buy a large one and dole the masks out to all comers.

One athletic coworker wondered whether running with the mask on would work; I told him about my attempt at walking up fourteen floors the previous night while wearing a flimsier mask. I ended up pulling the mask off my face because I was getting dizzy, possibly because the mask was holding back some small portion of the carbon dioxide I was exhaling, thus forcing me to breathe compromised air. An N95 mask might be even worse in that regard, given how form-fitting it is. Or maybe I'm completely wrong about how masks work. All I know is I was indeed becoming dizzy while wheezing my way up my building's staircase. I made the ascent again tonight, sans masque, and I didn't experience any dizziness.

N95, here I come.

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