Sunday, March 17, 2019

no promises

There might be photos of cooking tonight. After finishing up my second round of shopping, I'm probably going to be prepping the gyro meat (beef + lamb) tonight. I might also try my hand at a naan recipe sent to me last year by Charles (I've come to use naan instead of the puny local pitas when making gyros). I confess that I bought naan yesterday—just as a Plan B in the event that I fail at making the homemade naan. Charles's recipe yields four flatbreads; I'm multiplying that by 2.5 to get ten. Tomorrow or Tuesday night, I'll likely do the baked beans; those ought to keep just fine until Friday. On Wednesday, I'll buy the fresh herbs needed for chimichurri; on Thursday—the night before the Friday luncheon/goodbye party—I'll brine the brisket, make the chimichurri, and do the oven-roasted potatoes.* Friday morning, I'll get up early, bake the brisket, slice and toast up the ciabatta, and prep the vegetables to top the gyros (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives).

With the work spread out over the week, there ought to be less pressure to git 'er done, so to speak. I might end up shifting some of the to-dos around as necessary.

*In Greece, gyros often come with french fries on top. I know that fries will end up soggy in transit if I cook them, throw them into an airtight box, then trundle over to the office. Oven-roasted potatoes, by contrast, come out of the oven super-crunchy, so they can survive a taxi ride without becoming overly soggy.

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