Sunday, March 03, 2019

righting a wrong

I'm still not sure how I ever missed this certification center during my 2017 trans-Korea walk, but I guess I did.* Today, I walked all the way out to the Gwangnaru Bike Path Certification Center, which sits alongside the Han River, and placed the Gwangnaru stamp inside my Moleskine journal. The walk to the cert center was a little over 11 km; below is a photo from when I was a kilometer away from my goal:

Strangely, the above sign merely says "Jongju" when pretty much every other sign along the Four Rivers trail uses the full term Gukto Jongju.

Below—proof of stampage:

It was about 16,000 steps out to the cert center, hence the round-trip pedometer total you see below. This was a test walk to see how well my left hip is doing, and it seems to have survived the walk just fine. My feet, however, are fairly achy.

I'm happy about my step rate, though: 32,699 steps in 311 minutes comes out to about 105 steps per minute, which is fairly sprightly for yours truly.

There's actually another certification center at Ddukseom, on the northern side of the Han River. I might have to go hunting for that one, too, one of these days.

*One possibility is that the cert center wasn't at its current location back in 2017. I just looked at the map image I had used as a resource that year, and while it shows a Gwangnaru center, the center seems to be located on the north side of the Han, not the south, where I went yesterday. The cert center at Yeouido got moved from the western side to the eastern side of the island, so I know that these little red booths do shift around on occasion.


John Mac said...

Sounds like a great way for a fellow "walkaholic" to spend the day.

I wondered about the hip pain. I occasionally experience leg pain but oddly enough rarely during my walks. Glad it worked out.

Charles said...

Achievement Unlocked!